Graham’s nature is to question

Graham’s passion for investment research is “felt” every time you discuss any asset class or an investment fund, I feel like I’m discussing a football teams results with a third generation supporter or religion with a clergy man, I have learnt to come well prepared for any question I pose him or to be ready for a polite dressing down, Graham’s nature is to question.

In all walks of life you should surround yourself with the best people, within the UK investment world ARC and APCIMS are perceived to be the leading benchmarking indices. The last few years have seen ARC to be the “new kids” on the block and in my view have over taken APCIMS with more dynamic asset allocation models and forward thinking ideas of monitoring investment returns. Members of the internal investment committee have worked with Graham Harrison, Chief executive of ARC in the past. Graham holds 19 years of experience of monitoring investments, which brings experience of getting from A to Z instantly. His knowledge of asset allocation and quantitative and qualitative research is second to none within the UK investment market.

Graham joined the investment committee in January 2015, adding to the expertise of Peter Bickley (Ex Global Head of Asset Allocation of Deutsche Bank). Graham’s experience of asset allocation when teamed up with Simon Brett’s (Chief Investment Officer of Parmenion – Top 100 Wealth Managers 2012) experience of quantitative and qualitative research, makes an exciting team for the Group IFA investment committee.

Group IFA takes it responsibilities of investing and monitoring clients assets very seriously, we feel privileged that clients trust us to manage their investments. We are constantly searching for perfection and adding Graham to an already envious team of investment specialists can reassure clients, both existing and new.
Phillip Rose Group CEO